Director: Ren Renwick

Head of Operations: Dawn Lockhart

Head of Development: Kate Foster

Head of Learning and Engagement: Helen Jacobs

07425 889 894 /

Head of Exhibitions: Kathryn Johnson 

Marketing Manager: Hemali Modha

Marketing Assistant: Ellika Larsson

Facilities Manager: Ben Rowe

0117 906 7607  /

Curatorial and Technical Manager: Tristan Pollard

Learning & Engagement Assistant: Ellen Pye

RWA Drawing School Manager: Sophie Bristol

RWA Drawing School Co-ordinator: Sarah Craig

07745 694 563

Assistant Curator: Olive Haigh

0117 906 7601

Visitor Experience Manager: Fran Gallio

0117 906 7602

Volunteer Co-ordinator: Ellika Larsson        

Relationship and Internal Events Manager: Grace Hannell 

0117 302 1003

Finance Assistant: Rosie Olver            

Retail Co-ordinator: Laura Hartfield                     

Events Manager: Fran Gallio

0117 302 1003 /                   

Visitor Experience Team: Sarah Currie, Gill Elcoate, Medi Jones-Williams, Oliver Hawes, Bogdana Katarzhuk, Isabelle Bedevian, Luanna McCallum


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