Dementia friendly monthly tea time tours

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Happy Mondays for children with autism and/or profound learning disabilities

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Scribble & Sketch sessions in Easton, Redcliffe, Hartcliffe and Southmead

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You can read more about our work in 2023-24, including delivering creative activities in partnership with underserved communities in our Highlights of 2023-24

Read what some of the partners and participants themselves had to say about our work:-

"I am a mother to two wonderful children who were born 3.5 years apart. My youngest son, Benedict was born in 2021 and has down syndrome. He is now 2.5 years old and is a whirlwind of happiness, cheekiness and determination… 

Happy Families has therefore been an absolute godsend for our family! I feel so privileged to be able to bring my children to these enriching sessions in an inspiring environment where both of my children feel supported and allowed to be themselves! We always look forward to attending these sessions and since doing so, Benedict feels more confident to engage in sensory art activities and William has found more confidence to express his creative mind and skills. When I need to provide Benedict with a little extra attention to feel regulated during a session, William is already happily engaged with an activity and chatting away to the artists ...seeing this makes me so very happy and helps me to feel relaxed instead of guilty for a change, a moment which is invaluable to me! "  

Sian Smith, mother to William, 6 and Benedict, 2 ½ years about her experience of Happy Families at the RWA. 

For me this is a godsend  Happy Families parent 

“The sessions have been gold dust”  Lead Professional Careers & W-Ex, Pathways Learning Centre 

Thank you for opening the door to belief and opportunity.” Parent of young person following our Work Placement Week

Why is audio description important for visually impaired people? It gives the best experience you can give us; it adds colour and description to what would otherwise be a dull experience. Without it, life would be dull.”  Quote from visually impaired person during a training session  

 thank you for another lovely session. It really brings mum alive...carer of Tuesday Teatime Tour attendee



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