New Artist Network Members

New Artist Network Members

We are delighted to welcome a new group of artists to our Artist Network scheme this July. They are:

Rebecca Barnard

Light and structure are central to my inspiration. To see light playing on a surface or a view, or to feel the texture and structure of a weathered object, is like hearing a siren call to recreate it using my hands, paint, the materials around me. To me, these things are thrilling and when combined with atmosphere, shape and the instinct to create; the whole is irresistible.

Sonia Barrett

Using video and mixed-media sculpture, I re-image the common denominators of some of the hardest labourers, including unwaged mothers, carers, prostitutes and slaves by performing furniture. My work looks at the depletion of people to fit the needs of others and attempts to amplify a niggling malaise that such depletion causes. This malaise is something many of us feel reaching for a sweatshop product, which we still take to the checkout regardless of its exploitative origins.

Louisa Crispin

Entranced by the cycle of growth and decay, Louisa captures the details on beautiful smooth Strathmore bristol board using ultra sharp pencils. It’s quiet in the studio, distanced from the world as she looks ever closer at plants, insects and birds. Texture, shadows, silhouettes and movement created with marks and tone, it’s rarely about the colour.

Miriam Sheppard

I wish to capture the atmosphere of landscape and sky as I see and feel it. To me, this subject offers an endless source of inspiration. By removing references to humans or animals, my focus is on the land, the sky and the interaction between them. The transient nature of the sky and the effect it has on the land.



line drawing of plants
painting of figures on a beach
hazy painting of landscape
installation of broken chair