Stay at Home Series: Victoria Atkinson

Stay at Home Series: Victoria Atkinson

We asked our artists to share what they are working on and how they're are keeping busy during this unprecedented time. Here, Artist Network member Vicki Atkinson answers our questions and shares a favourite artwork:


Douglas Portway (1922 - 1993), Masque, oil and collage on paper, 66 x 50.5cm

The work that I’m drawn to from the RWA collection is Masque by Douglas Portway (although I did so want to choose a sculpture!)

I love the monochrome palette. It makes it slightly unnerving, which seems rather appropriate at the moment.

I see so many things – people, animals, landscapes - in the shadows. I love the play on positives and negatives and it really uses the spaces in between.


  • What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am drawing quite a bit (see below images) and am really enjoying getting back to working on a larger scale.

  • Tips to stay active, creative and busy during this period

I am walking a great deal (I feel somewhat guilty that I am able to do this, when so many others can’t get outside), drawing and doing jobs round the house and garden. I’ve also been doing a Zoom Pilates class, which is great fun.

  • What are you most looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to being with people again and hugging or handshaking – being a sculptor, I really miss the tactile element of contact.

  • Has being at home made you appreciate some things more than usual? What are these things?

What I have enjoyed is the reflective time it’s given me. Time to really think, contemplate and slow down. It also makes me appreciate essential things, such as sunshine, spring, wildlife.


sketch of a face in grey and umber
sketch of a face in grey and umber
sketch of a figure with wings in greys and browns