RWA Shop: Spotlight on Charlotte Price

RWA Shop: Spotlight on Charlotte Price

'The work that I have on display in the RWA shop and am exhibiting in Drawn is derived from an on-going documentation of the ancient pathways of a moorland landscape where I often walk. The broken and bruised plants that edge these routes are ubiquitous yet insignificant in the annals of the plant world. They trace the journeys I make and those of previous travellers.

The prints allude to a Victorian fascination for the natural world. I collect and press the plants before printing them. The plants will go through the press several times but each print is individual as there is a degree of deterioration at each printing.

The Earthen prints exhibited in Drawn are examples of my recent fascination with the microcosms of nature that are revealed when the earthy clod, from which the plants have grown, is printed. The dead plant matter embedded in the soil compacts nature's detritus into multiple layers.

Also in the Drawn exhibition I am exhibiting …of the ground...the Lichen Drawing… Lichen holding fast to the granite whilst the granite holds onto the land and this land holds the ancient forest of Dartmoor.

The idea of nature and the land connecting the present to the past is a source of continual wonderment.'

Charlotte has both cards and prints for sale in the RWA Shop. Cards are priced at £2.50 and prints upwards of £80.


print of dandelion leaves
black and white print of leaves
print of dandelion leaves
ink drawing of plants
black and white print of plant