RWA Shop: Spotlight on Catherine Knight

RWA Shop: Spotlight on Catherine Knight

“I have recently undertaken a research trip to Finland. After exploring the extremely low light conditions of the Icelandic winter on a residency in 2013, I was inspired to experience the extended daylight of the Finnish summer and see its impact on my work. This new body of work reflects my exploration of the southern archipelago and visit to Tove Jansson’s island, Klovharu, where she spent thirty summers. The island is very far out in the Gulf of Finland; extremely remote and sparse. Jansson’s novels and aesthetic of a simple, pared down island life have been very influential.

Continuing to be inspired by islands, woods and remote cabins, I hope to capture the feeling of light, isolation and the landscape as metaphor for internal states.

I work on six or seven paintings at a time, on both a small and large scale and build up thin layers of paint, allowing base colours to radiate through. I am always aiming for the final painting to retain as loose and fresh a feel as a quick watercolour sketch. It’s a risky approach and many paintings end up getting painted over but its exciting to work in such an instinctive way and letting the paint lead the way.”

Originally from Cornwall, Catherine Knight graduated from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff with 1st class Honours in 2004 and has since completed an MFA at Bath Spa University with Distinction in 2008. She exhibits her work widely and has work held in the Discerning Eye’s permanent collection as well as many private collections. She has worked at BV Studios in Bedminster since it opened in 2010 whilst teaching part-time and raising a young family.

Her gift cards and prints are available in the RWA Shop, and she is a member of the RWA Artist Network.

Twitter @CatKnight82

Instagram @catknightart


painting of trees and foliage in blues and pinks
painting of sky and seascape in blues and pinks
painting of hut in yellow landscape
painting of landscape with water in the foreground and a hut in the background
artist catherine knight with her child by one of her paintings