New £5000 prize announced for the RWA169 Annual Open Exhibition

RWA 167 Annual Open Exhibition, installation view. Three sculptures are displayed on plinths in the RWA gallery space, behind on the wall are several brightly coloured art works exhibited.

We are delighted to announce a second £5000 award for the RWA169 Annual Open Exhibition!

The Other Art Prize Award of £5000

The Other Art Prize will be selected personally by the sponsor for a two-dimensional work of art. They are looking for a non-representational work that is striking or intriguing purely on aesthetic grounds, possibly something which could be patterned and / or purely decorative. Any medium is considered including painted, drawn or printed media, including digital art.

Additional Prizes this year include:

  • £5000 Academy Prize, for an artwork by any artist in any medium
  • £500 Harford prize, for an artist of global majority or mixed ethnicity
  • £250 + £100 Watercolour prizes
  • £300 Derek Balmer PPRWA Painting Prize
  • £300 Drawing Prize
  • £250 + £250 framing sponsored by Niche Frames
  • Martin Parr Foundation Photography Prize
  • £250 Students' Prize, sponsored by the Friends of RWA
  • Rabley Gallery Print Prize
  • Pangolin Digital Ltd Sculpture Prize
  • Evolver cover prize
  • Evolver feature prize

How to enter your work

A reminder that anyone can enter their art to this mixed discipline exhibition. Work is judged purely on its own merits, anonymously, rather than on the artist's CV. Please visit our Annual Open Exhibitions page for full information about submitting work to the 169 Annual Open.

Deadline for submissions

Sunday 14 August 2022, at 9pm. 

Submit your Art

You can enter your art through our Online Submissions System


Image: RWA 167 Annual Open Exhibition, installation view. Photo: Alice Hendy.