New Artist Network Members - 2022

Three pale wax sculptures of people. One wears a crown and points forward, one holds a wheel and one pushes the character holding the wheel. The sculptures are set against a dark background.

We are delighted to welcome two new Artist Network members this month!

Holly Bennett

Holly Bennett makes sculpture of people, animals and unusual creatures, which she uses as metaphors to tell an internal narrative. Working with great consideration, integrity and humour, and communicating through direct visual impact and shared emotive response, she creates sculpture that speaks to an audience who is interested in engaging with areas of deeper significance within our lives. The original sculpture is modelled in wax and then cast as a limited edition into a vibrant British-made eco-resin, which creates an aesthetic that keeps the beautiful translucent qualities of the wax, while remaining accessible to a wide audience.

Website: Holly Bennett Sculptor

Jane Jobling

Jane Jobling's sculptures can seem quite varied but for the past twenty years she has been continuously making work about boundaries, edges and surfaces in order to explore enclosing and revealing space. Nature, natural forms and materials play an increasingly important role in informing Jobling's work.

Jane Jobling's work is currently exhibited at Chichester Cathedral as part of 'Together We Rise' - a major exhibition of artworks from members of the Royal Society of Sculptors, open until Tuesday 6 September 2022. Jobling's work is also exhibited at Wells Contemporary, Wells Cathedral.

Website: Jane Jobling

Becoming an Artist Network Member

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