Meet this year's AOE sponsors - HIVE Financial Planning

Meet this year's AOE sponsors - HIVE Financial Planning

Each year, the Annual Open Exhibition is a highlight of the RWA calendar, and this year, in its 170th form, is no exception.

We are incredibly grateful to this year's AOE sponsors, HIVE Financial Planning, whose support and patronage have allowed us to continue bringing exceptional art, within accessible spaces, to the people of Bristol and beyond.

 We spoke with HIVE's founder, Sebastian Roiz de S'a, about why he chose to sponsor the RWA 170 Annual Open Exhibition, here is what he had to say...

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about Hive?

A. I’m Sebastian, I live in Bristol with my wife and 2 daughters. I’m an RWA patron, art lover and collector. I am also the Director and Founder of Hive Financial Planning, which offers an approachable and accessible financial planning service to clients. Whether they want to begin saving for their child’s future, investing for their own retirement or leaving a legacy for the next generation, we’re here to help.

Q. Why have you decided to sponsor an exhibition at the RWA?

A. We are so lucky to have the RWA on our doorsteps. The beautifully proportioned building, the light-filled main gallery, the family activity space… the academy is an oasis of calm in one of the busiest areas of Bristol.
When I set up Hive Financial Planning, this was the obvious venue for the launch party. In fact, you’ll often find me here on a Sunday morning with my daughter Grace, playing dress up and reading books in the family activity space after our weekly morning swim.

I am an art collector myself and have acquired pieces by contemporary British artists, including a number based in Bristol. I love the special places that art can take you to. The escape from the every day, the appreciation of someone’s skill in mastering their chosen medium, the worlds of possibility and conversations that creativity can open up.

I’ve always found art galleries to be jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring places that provide me with an escape from the routine of life and the RWA is no exception. The fact that I’m in the position to be able to play my very small part in maintaining and preserving that for other people in our fair city, is an incredible privilege and honour.

Q. Why have you chosen to sponsor the 170 Annual Open Exhibition? Does this particular show resonate with you and the work that Hive does?

A. The concept of the Annual Open particularly appeals to us at Hive Financial Planning. Art is democratic and accessible, allowing everyone to take part, and anyone can submit work to the Annual Open. The RWA has inclusivity at its heart, and the recent transformation has made it truly accessible to all. At Hive, we believe that financial planning should have the same accessibility. Everyone should be able to benefit from sound financial planning and from making informed choices about their future.

Sebastian Roiz de S'a speaking at the 170 Annual Open exhibition Private View

Q. What are you most excited to see at the 170 Annual Open Exhibition?
I am a big fan of Stewart Geddes work, and I am really looking forward to seeing Leslie Glenn Damhus’s paintings in the flesh. I’ve also been told we can expect a lot of sculptures this year so I’m really looking forward to experiencing those.
What I’m looking forward to most though is the space itself. Every year it’s a treat for the senses and the curation of the exhibition is an art form in its own right, certainly one to be admired and appreciated.


170 Annual Open Exhibition Private View

Q. Would you encourage other, similar companies and organisations to sponsor and help promote the arts in Bristol and beyond, and why?

Always! Sponsorship from the private sector provides essential funding for the arts, not just in Bristol but nationally. Increasingly art institutions, like the RWA, need to find more funding from the private sector as state backing becomes more competitive and harder to receive.
These spaces are so often at the heart of our communities, and they have become more than just art galleries or theatres; they provide spaces for learning, eating and drinking, or celebrating special occasions. The versatility and adaptability of these spaces has become essential for them to survive.
Through sponsorship, Hive Financial Planning, and other companies like mine can give back to their local community and allow these spaces to continue providing that same community with wonderful spaces for everyone to enjoy.

As far as answering the question of WHY sponsor, I’ll let someone far wiser than me explain.

“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something” – Mother Teresa.

We want to say a huge thank you to Sebastian and everyone at HIVE for their support and sponsorship for this year's Annual Open Exhibition.

Find out more about Hive Financial Planning by clicking the image below: