Creative Christmas Advent Calendar: Portrait Sculpture

Creative Christmas Advent Calendar: Portrait Sculpture

Drawing School tutor Sophie Howard gives tips on how to gather great source material of your portrait sculptures...

"Many people like to make sculptures of loved ones, but getting photos to work from can be a challenge. At this time of year, when you have a house-full and everyone is relaxed in front of the Christmas telly, there is a chance to get great images for a portrait sculpture."

"For a head and shoulders portrait, sit the subject nice and upright on a stool and take as many shots as you like from all angles - make sure they sit still! For a fun approach, get them to dress up and pose, then make sculptures from those images."

"If you have some modeling material at home, why not use those photographs to sculpt figures with your family as an after-dinner activity - it makes a change from Trivial Pursuits!"

Sophie Howard will lead a two day Portrait Sculpture course in March 2017. Read more


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