Hope In The Darkness


This exhibition has been curated from RWA's Permanent Collection by Year 10 and Year 12 work experience students: Samuel Greenhill, Yunci Chen Zhang, Lemonie Georgiou, Marina Davine, Jasmine Joomun, Nabiha Salim and Melina Karofylaki. The students themselves have written the interpretation, from this introduction through to the artwork labels. 

This exhibition explores light and dark - together they are a contrasting pair, yet without each other they would not exist. In what seems like pure darkness there are hidden sparks of hope that can brighten any mind or place. During this lockdown we've all felt isolated… just waiting and reminiscing. The Hope in the Darkness exhibition aims to encourage people to focus on the positive in times of hardship, but still appreciate the hardships, which can help us grow as people. Anthony Rossiter's painting of a nurse at her desk is one of this exhibition's poignant reminders to us all of what is going on unseen in the shadows of the night.

Behind the dark fog, we have been growing, appreciating and getting stronger together. Darkness doesn't necessarily stop us walking, but it might make us look harder for the light at the end of the tunnel. It has also given us a new perspective within which to view our communities and services we may have taken for granted. Come and look into the eyes of history and look at the view through your window. Travel through abstract works, portraits and landscapes. Is there a hidden glimpse of hope? Do you notice anything different?

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have all felt restricted and may just be itching to sit inside a restaurant, such as in Danny Markey's painting featured in this very exhibition. During this devastating time in the world, the RWA invites you to enjoy both the light and the dark within art. Listen to the silent voices of each masterpiece and see the hope in the darkness.