Removed, Lucy Nason
Removed, Lucy Nason
Removed, Lucy Nason
Removed, Lucy Nason
Removed, Lucy Nason
Removed, Lucy Nason

Removed, Lucy Nason

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School: Redmaids High School

Year group: 13

Title: Removed       Medium: Oil

The brief I responded to is 'assemble' - where I explored how portraits can to distorted and disassembled to portray internal distress and chaos.


Title: Missing pieces       Medium: Oil

The brief I responded to is 'assemble' by creating a collection of missing circles from the portrait that represent the concealment of appearance and identity, in a fragmented way.


Title: Circle      Medium: Oil

I explored the theme of identity, while only showing part of the face. Circles can be used to symbolise 'self' and so show how we perceive ourselves, in contrast to show we are viewed by others.


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