Off Beat

Off Beat

12 December 2023 - 18 January 2024


The Kenny Gallery, Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX


12 December 2023 - 18 January 2024


Explore the vibrant world of John Eaves RWA's artistic journey through an exhibition featuring his paintings, drawings, and collages, curated by Nick Moore. Spanning fifty years, this collection provides a captivating glimpse into the diverse themes and materials that have shaped John's creative expression. 

John describes his paintings as 'non-figurative,' emphasizing their connection to the natural geometry of the landscape rather than being purely 'abstract.' Known for his improvisational approach, he embraces the unexpected in the painting process, steering clear of meticulous planning or rigid geometric structures. 

A resident of Bath for most of his life, John draws inspiration from the city's dynamic rhythms, likening it to a musical composition. He sees the terraces as musical staves, looping around with criss-cross rhythms and zig-zags that echo the hills' undulating contours. 

In addition to his paintings, this exhibition sheds light on John's versatility as a ceramic artist and improvisational musician. Artefacts from both facets of his life are on display, providing a comprehensive view of his multifaceted creative journey. 

John Eaves in his studio

Image: John Eaves in his studio

This is a free exhibition in the Kenny Gallery, upstairs at the RWA, and runs alongside our major exhibition, the 170 Annual Open Exhibition (ticketed)

Join exhibition curator, Nick Moore, for a FREE tour of this exhibition on Saturday 16 December 10 am - 11am. More information here

Lead image: Floating Blues by John Eaves, watercolour collage


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