Between Work and Window: Photographs of RWA Academicians by Anne-Katrin Purkiss

Between Work and Window: Photographs of RWA Academicians by Anne-Katrin Purkiss

28 January - 12 March 2023


Kenny Gallery, RWA, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX


28 January - 12 March 2023


Photographs of RWA Academicians by Anne-Katrin Purkiss
28 January - 12 March 2023
Kenny Gallery

This exhibition of photographs of Royal West of England Academicians forms part of a larger collection of portraits, documenting British artists in the context of their working environment. It is an ongoing project that began more than thirty years ago with photographs of artists commissioned for press and news agencies and that is now pursued largely out of personal interest and based on commissions from the art galleries and publishers.

These images have come to reflect social changes as well as new practices and a new approach to using studio space. The selection of 35 photographs for this exhibition illustrates these developments. A third of the portraits were taken specifically for this occasion during the past year, including photographs of long-standing Academicians and of another generation of artists from different cultural and social backgrounds, working with new media and in less conventional spaces.

The space between work and window describes the place of an artist in the studio and the photographer’s place for recording a moment during a studio visit. It refers also to a metaphorical space between the outside world and the artists’ way of seeing and interpreting it.

A photobook of photographs that make up this exhibition is available for purchase on  a print on demand basis from

Anne-Katrin Purkiss, Portrait, Dorcas Casey, 2022, photograph, Giclee print, b/w © 2022 A. K. Purkiss


Anne-Katrin Purkiss works as an independent photographer, based in London.

Her work is represented in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute, the archives of Tate and the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Art Library and the library of the Yale Centre for British Art.

Images: Bowling, Sir Frank; 2014, Casey, Dorcas; 2022, Cooper, Eileen; 2016, Jerram, Luke; 2022, Shaw, Tim; 2016, Stibbon, Emma; 2018, ©A.K.Purkiss 

Admission is free.

Anne-Katrin Purkiss, Portrait, Sir Frank Bowling, 2014, photograph, Giclee print, b/w © 2022 A. K. Purkiss



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