606 Rosalind Robinson, Where He Leads, The Past Will Follow

Academician Candidates' Exhibition 2018

4 Oct - 25 Nov 18


4 Oct - 25 Nov 18

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The RWA, as one of five Royal Academies in Great Britain and Ireland, has a membership of 150 Academicians. Academicians are an independent body of artists at the forefront of their profession, who have achieved excellence in their field, and who are committed to contributing to the future of the RWA. Academicians are elected on the basis that they are practicing artists of ability and experience, creators of artworks judged to be of a consistently high standard and willing to undertake the commitments and responsibilities of the elected membership.

Each year, we invite the shortlist of Academician Candidates to exhibit a selection of their recent works alongside the Annual Open Exhibition. During this time, the current Academician body will anonymously vote for the CandidatAcademicians Galleryes they would like to see become Academicians. The exhibition on our ground floor is also open to the public. Admission is free.

This year's Candidates are:

Wendy Elia 

Anna Gillespie 

Frances Gynn 

Jim Hunter 

Dave King 

Nik Ramage 

Rosalind Robinson 

Deborah Westmancoat 

If you are an Academician and are not able to vote in person, please email jess.kirkby@rwa.org.uk


Exhibited works below:

606 Rosalind Robinson Where He Leads, the Past Will Follow, oil, acrylic and pastel on Arches Huile paper

607 Rosalind Robinson You Made My Heart Sing Constance Lytton, oil on panel

608 Rosalind Robinson It's Our Turn, oil on panel 

609 Rosalind Robinson Still Flowering (Constance & Winifred) 1918-2018, oil on panel 

610 Deborah Westmancoat White Field 2, black writing ink, handmade oak gall ink, hailstones, frost and two frozen puddles collected from Longrun Meadows, Taunton, Somerset on board 

611 Deborah Westmancoat And with a Hard Frost Came Stillness, black writing ink, handmade oak gall ink, pencil, hoar frost scraped from Willow boughs (in Longrun Meadow, Taunton, Somerset) and marks made with a found flint, on board

612 Deborah Westmancoat Solar Horses, handmade oak gall ink, antique shellac and lakewater collected from Loch Lough (Uisneach, County Westmeath, Ireland) on board 

613 Deborah Westmancoat Dusk in the Hills handmade oak gall ink, writing ink and ground frost collected in the hills surrounding Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor, on board

614 Jim Hunter Night Garden, acrylic on paper

615 Jim Hunter Almyrida, acrylic on canvas 

616 Jim Hunter Anniversary, watercolour & acrylic on paper 

617 Jim Hunter Resort, watercolour & acrylic on paper

618 Frances Gynn Ghost Nets 8, linocut, acrylic and ink on Fabriano paper 

619 Frances Gynn Ghost Nets 9, linocut, acrylic and ink on Fabriano paper 

620 Frances Gynn In Deep, acrylic, ink & charcoal on canvas 

621 Frances Gynn Chlorophyll, artist book - monotypes on Somerset and Japanese Maruishi paper

622 Anna Gillespie Re-Production, plaster and beeswax

623 Anna Gillespie Split, plaster and mixed media

624 Anna Gillespie Caught, charcoal and gesso

625 Anna Gillespie We Forget, bronze

626 Wendy Elia Alex (Kickboxer), oil on canvas   

627 Wendy Elia Made in Britain, oil on canvas 

628 David King House of the Poet, ink and acrylic   

629 David King Appeto, ink & acrylic  

630 David King Enclosure, unique bronze 

631 David King Curious Other, fired clay  

632 Nik Ramage Flag Waver, flag, steel, machine parts 

633 Nik Ramage Punctuation Orrery, clockwork, metal, pulleys

634 Nik Ramage Shoe Shuffle, shoes, steel, machine parts  



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