Light and Inspiration Activity

An image of a woman and a man with three children sat behind a table looking at their drawings

We run regular artist-led workshops for families

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An image of a woman sat down smiling while holding a small mirror in her hand. A print is being held in the bottom left hand corner

Self portrait workshops for service users at Bristol Community Links

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Creative packs sent out to families during the closure to continue our work

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An image of a woman's hand being guided towards a sculpture

Described tours for people with visual impairments run regularly, led by experienced facilitators

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Helen Jacobs our Learning & Participation Manager works with community groups across Bristol

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An image of a woman talking to two children who have table with coloured paper and glue between them

Regular Scribble & Sketch activities run in venues across the city

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An image of a wall of artworks with the backs of four children underneath them looking up at them

RWA Pop up exhibition touring local community centres, with artists workshops run alongside the exhibition

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An image of two children with the interior marble of the RWA behind them

Trial of our Heritage Trail which will be available when we reopen in early 2022

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At the RWA, our focus has always been on fostering talent and nurturing creativity in people of all ages and backgrounds. 

In 2019/20, our team worked with over 5,000 people, many from Bristol’s most vulnerable communities, engaging them with art and with their own creativity. Engagement activities are planned alongside each exhibition to make sure that we reach audiences that don't usually visit art galleries as well as our core audience, and offer a variety of ways of accessing great art to suit individual physical, mental, emotional and economic circumstances.

As part of our Light and Inspiration project in 2021 and 2022, in consultation with our local communities and shaped by their needs, we delivered activities with many new groups, enriching and lighting up lives with art.

Communities we worked with include:-

  • Intergenerational families from areas of multiple deprivation
  • Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including Roma young people
  • Adults and older people experiencing mental health challenges, learning disabilities, dementia and social isolation
  • People with visual and hearing impairments
  • Neurodiverse children and adults
  • Non-traditional gallery audiences from the widest range of communities and backgrounds across Bristol
  • Local schools and HE and FE students

We are fortunate in the support we receive from our team of dedicated volunteers. Through the Light and Inspiration project, we recruited additional volunteers, including people from diverse backgrounds, providing new opportunities to get involved, along with training in archival research and conservation; supporting the Learning and Participation activities; leading history tours, and art handling for exhibitions.


Activity Programme Sponsor:-

Activity Programme sponsor

With funds from:-



Bristol Refugee Artists Collective (BRAC)

Bristol Refugee Artists Collective (BRAC) and RWA partnered on a 6-month programme of professional development workshops led by freelance artists.

Bristol Community Links (BCL)

As part of RWA’s Activity Plan, Bristol Community Links (BCL) and RWA have worked together on a programme of workshops to enhance wellbeing.


Workshops for adults with mental health challenges and social isolation

Happy Mondays

Special visits - on Mondays - for autistic visitors

Described Tours

Specially adapted tours for people with visual impairments

Light and Inspiration Capital Project

Find out how you can make a difference by making a donation towards the project

Work Placement with Foundation Art & Design students at SGS College

RWA’s annual Work experience Programme, SPECTACLE and Work Placement with Foundation Art & Design students at SGS College

Volunteer with us

Volunteers are essential to all that we do at the RWA