Trish Lock

For the last couple of years Trish has worked on a project about the survival of some of the oldest trees on our planet. As a starting point she studied the form of ancient olive trees thought to be over 6000 years old, and how they survived in a war torn area. Her background as a conceptual artist meant that meticulous research was involved, and contact was made with the "The Sisters Project" in Bechealeh, Lebanon.

She was inspired by: Meetings with Remarkable Trees, by Thomas Pakenham. One of the oldest trees: Evelyn’s Chestnut was found hidden behind a church, 30 miles from where she lives. Many studies were completed on site and experimentation with different materials and mediums to represent the mythical nature of this ancient tree. An image in Graphite and Conté can be see on the website titled: Evelyn’s Chestnut

Trish studied Fine Art and Creative Studies in English at Bath Spa University, and achieved a First Class Honours. She gained a PGCE, and helped to re-engage many young people with challenges in their lives. She is an Artist Network Member for the RWA and has worked on their behalf in different schools. Trish works in different mediums depending on the area of study. Her work has been shown by the RWA.