Trish Lock

Artist's statement:

"I grew up in the East End of London, where my love of drawing and photography began. It led me on a meandering route to the West Country, where I finally settled and studied Fine Art and Creative Studies in English, at Bath Spa University.

It was during that experimental time, my artwork began to play a profound and active role in the issues I cared about. Different media, including performance, were explored, to raise awareness about the fragility of life, and our responsibility, as guardians of our world, to protect it. Since then my work has been exhibited throughout the UK including the RWA.

Meticulous research is often involved and more recently, experts from the Ancient Tree Forum and the National Trust have been generous with their knowledge of veteran and ancient trees. The studies have been important to represent their magnificent forms and encourage awareness for future generations to enjoy. My current artwork aims to tell their stories of survival, strength, and protection." 


  1. Thorn and Tor: Symbols of Survival
  2. The Guardians
  3. Hornbeams of Strength
  4. The Crusader Oak
  5. TaDah