Tina Hill

My work explores elemental transformations and the passage of time. More than just reflecting the natural cycles of birth and death, construction and destruction, I am interested in - “new life from old”. My work draws not only on museum artefacts but also on archaeology and geology. Printmaking as a process allows me to incorporate parts of one print into another producing new images and concepts from old. As parts, fragmentation, transmutations and stratification are key elements in my work I try to express these ideas through the use of texture, colour and multiple layers or surfaces. My use of texture and colour also echoes the process of decay and dissolution, the imprints and stains of time. Tina previously studied both psychology and medicine at university and was a practicing GP in Bristol until 2008. She gained an MA (with distinction) in Multidisciplinary Printmaking from the University of The West of England in 2009 and was awarded the Agassi Book Arts Prize for her work ‘Excavating Babel’.

Website: www.tinahillart.co.uk