Sue Pickering


"My art practice has evolved over a number of years and currently I produce abstract pieces that combine print, paint and collage. Colour, shape and texture all play a big part in my compositions. My work draws on my background as a psychologist and my interest in communication. I often include text cut from books or magazines, although this text may be obscured by layers of paint and collage. My aim is to create pieces that speak to the viewer on multiple levels; each work is designed to be an attractive abstract visual composition with a more thoughtful message embedded within.

I take an experimental approach to my work, remaining open to the possibilities that develop as I try out different materials and processes. I use a range of different tools and materials, including found and recycled objects. I begin each piece with a layer of colour. I then add line, shape and texture in further layers (both opaque and translucent). Each piece evolves to a point where the composition is complete.

My work combines my two great passions – creativity and communication – and abstraction is at the heart of everything I do. The inspiration for my work is ‘everyday life’. I am fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the world around me and how we make our way through life as human beings. As I move through the world, I see patterns and shapes – in nature, in the manmade world and in human behaviour. In my work I try to capture the fascinating combination of simplicity and complexity that exists in all aspects of our world - and in doing so, communicate something that has resonance for the viewer."

Gallery Images (from left) 

  • Elevate
  • Fortify
  • Insight
  • Samba in the Sky
  • The Depth of Love
  • The Next Big Thing
  • Use Your Anger for Good