Seyed Edalatpour

Seyed Edalatpour was born in Shiraz, Iran. He came to England in 1983 as a refugee. He studied Foundation Course in Art and Design at Camberwell School of Art, London, 1984-85. He went to Norwich School of Art where he gained his first-class BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art Sculpture, 1986-89. And completed an Interdisciplinary MA in Art & Architecture, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury, 1989-90.

In 1998, he had his first major sculpture installation “Twelve and the 13th", in London at BDC, Contemporary Art 98, organised by Pratt Contemporary Art. He was a regular exhibitor at London Original Print Fair at Royal Academy of Arts in London between 1992 to 2003 and at The Armory, IFPDA, New York, represented by Pratt Contemporary Art. His works has appeared in numerous group and solo shows in UK and abroad since 1990. 

The shock of displacement was the driving force in Edalatpour's early work, he found the act of building on a shifting sand a bewildering experience. As a result, he framed his practice as research-driven and project-based. The first instance was "Geographical Transformation" in 1987, which became a journey of discovery, gave birth to the idea of self-contained and informed him of the possibility of a path ahead. He then investigated the structure of such possibility in "Self-functional Architecture" where, by the process of de-construction and re-construction, he examined the conceptual constructs embedded into cultural mechanism in the act of making. "Cannons of Gods", "Zekr", "Farsh", "Twelve and the 13th", " 99names of Gods", "Square" and “Cheheltan” which followed strengthened the foundation of his practice.

Edalatpour is fascinated with what he calls ancient memory, and the presence of the continuous, time and space, here and now are only a glimpse of a much more complex spectrum. The act of making, for him opens a door into what he calls the unreadable. And he often works with materials that provide the necessary resistance. What he describes is a visual narrative, a chapter by chapter verse of a conceptual adventure. 



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