Rosalind Robinson


The direct gaze can be compelling, offering frank emotional engagement, but this vital physical connection between us is increasingly absent in our digital age. My portraits are intended to convey something of the mystery implicit in facial expressions, and engage the viewer in speculation about the subject's origins and relevance in the present day. The focus of my work is slowly shifting as I continue to explore the possibilities of expressing the complexity of human interactions within the context of figurative painting. In more recent painting I hope to express the tensions and emotional implications of the way we position ourselves physically in relation to others.




Gallery Images (from left) 

  1. Rosalind Robinson in her studio
  2. Despite the Gathering Storm
  3. Helens Bowl (detail)
  4. It's Our Turn (detail)
  5. s'Hertogenbosch ( detail)
  6. The Balance of Probabilites (detail) 
  7. The Blue Bowl (detail)
  8. The Search Party (detail)
  9. Twist 



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