Reece Ingram

I briefly worked as a taxidermist before studying Sculpture at Brighton College of Art in 1985 and then completing an MA in Site Specific Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art. The main subjects of my art are animals and nature, where my interest lies in form, mass, weight and the tactile nature of these themes and subjects. I mostly carve in stone and wood, enjoying the engagement with these materials, their history and structure and the challenge of the reductive process which carving requires. Carving is a simple, repetitive act where there is a direct connection with the solid physical world. I would also like to express a sense of the inner self, simple contentment, not wanting, not striving but just being. There is a directness and immediacy to my work which has lead to me being commissioned to make sculpture for many parks, towns, playgrounds and schools through out the country. Most notably the Princess Diana Memorial Play ground in London, Grizedale Forest and the Eden Project. I recently completed seven sheep for the Horse Trials at the 2012 Olympics. These will be moved to a playground in Greenwich park. I have recently acquired a kiln and have begun to experiment with clay. A different process to carving but still an opportunity to express my love of form. The drawings are a continuation of a lifelong fascination with the tactile qualities of animals. In these images the animals are dead but there is still an excitement in holding and being close to them. I have also completed many residencies and workshops. Communicating with people, teaching them new skills and sharing my joy of the natural world are an important and delightful part of my practice.