Rebecca Barnard

The physical act of creating an image is as important to me, as the emotion evoked by the outcome, and the progression and direction of each project will depend on mood, light and energy. Each piece has its own palette and story, and requires something particular from me. Most of the pieces are completed in the studio, with its facilities; a hob to melt wax for encaustic, running water and simply the space and time to progress the work using the mind as well as images, sketches and objects from the locality. My inspirational West Country and Pembrokeshire often feature.

Light and structure are central to my inspiration. To see light playing on a surface or a view, or to feel the texture and structure of a weathered object, is like hearing a siren call to recreate it using my hands, paint, the materials around me. To me, these things are thrilling and when combined with atmosphere, shape and the instinct to create; the whole is irresistible.

I live and work in Wells, Somerset.




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