Nick Moore

The more you look, the more you see; to paint and draw is to learn to see things in a different way, to appreciate the complexity and subtlety in the world around us and be more open to it…


Nick Moore is an abstract painter, curator, writer and improvising musician based in Bristol. 

He is an experienced workshop leader in Art and Art History, and has worked in Museums, Colleges, Universities and Adult Education for more than thirty years.

‘My approach to workshops is to facilitate and enable rather than ‘teach’ – being flexible and open to the creative process, welcoming unexpected and surprising outcomes. Learning alongside the participants, experimenting, trying things out, taking risks…embracing ‘mistakes’…with humour.

My own painting practice is rooted in spontaneity and improvisation, combining the elements of chance and deliberation, what in music John Cage talked about as ‘considered improvisation’. I work in series over a number of years, to take a particular theme as far as possible.’ 

Nick has a rich and varied work background; for example, he worked as a performer in Street Theatre & Circus; as a Stonemason, Architectural Carver and Sculptor. More recently he worked as an Art Therapist for NHS Adult Mental Health Services and with Studio Upstairs, Bristol for ten years; he was an Arts and Health facilitator with Artshine, Bristol, and Art Lift, Gloucestershire for fifteen years.