Martin Edwards

I have long been interested in the way the camera faithfully and mechanically records what is in front of it, yet this image is inevitably altered by the tools, materials and methods used to reproduce it, and can never be a ‘true’ representation of the world. 

I enjoy the process of photographing things as we do not usually see them, aiming to exaggerate the camera’s untruths yet retain a measure of the real experience. Each individual person has their own way of seeing; my photographs are an attempt to get mine onto a print surface.

The other side of my photography is more straight and documentary, aiming to show a personal view of the things and people I come across. The images here include both aspects. 

My personal work is made using both analogue and digital processes, sometimes a combination of the two; though any technique is only a means to an end, and I will use whatever medium is most appropriate for the outcome.

I have been a photographer and photography educator for over twenty years, and do a mixture of teaching, commercial photography, personal projects and voluntary activities. I am an artist network member at RWA. 

As well as my photographic practice, I am also a freelance technician at RWA.





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