Marie Burke

I am drawn to the effortless beauty of the natural world and fascinated by the ease of its structures, the complex twists and turns that can be missed in the blink of an eye. By portraying my botanical subjects larger than life, I like to draw attention to the flow of creation that surrounds us as a reaction to the complicated world that we construct for ourselves.

My paintings are botanically accurate, this is very important as it is a passing of time over which I have complete control in an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable world. In executing my work I introduce periods of stillness into my daily life which allows me the space for reflection. When people see my work, I would like them to be able to experience this momentary suspension from reality and tap into a little of the awe and wonder that the natural world offers.

I am interested in all of the stages of growth, from the newly formed bud to the fullness of bloom and then in the drying out and shrivelling up process that presents such sculptural imagery.

Working with watercolour gives me a lot of freedom artistically and provides the ability to capture the feeling of lightness and transparency, whilst also allowing me to gradually build up to a full intensity of solid colour.




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