Marco Cazzulini

Art practice is rarely linear and, although clearly identifiable threads run through my image making, there will always be pockets of work that look markedly different. These distinctive moments in creative development might be characterised by a new thematic interest, a formal development and approach to art making or a conceptual shift in philosophy and practice. These shifts may be temporary or mark a permanent ‘sea change’.

I’ve worked primarily as a landscape painter but have many years’ experience as a graphic designer. At the beginning of 2016 those practices catalysed around a specific project idea on leisure and sport initiated by a personal interest in running and a fascination with cycling (non-participatory).

Although I was ‘surprised’ by the initial results my creative history holds some clues. And, whilst the new work was a distinct departure from what had gone before, it was not without its creative forebears–they connect back into a short-lived flame burst of small pastel paintings made in my early years as an artist.

Equally, neat categorisation of any artist’s output might prove useful but is rarely truthful. My new work is digitally realized and ascribing a suitable collective term to them is hard. Labels are incomplete and suitable descriptions hard to render. Current methods of reproduction add another layer of obscuration.

In the end these independent, yet affiliated prints are representative of new pathways and fresh locations on my personal, creative journey.




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