Lawrence Nash

Lawrence Nash was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, and now lives and works in Bristol. He studied fine art in Watford, Wimbledon, Cheltenham and Birmingham, attaining a BA first class honours degree in fine art (sculpture) and an MA in fine art. Lawrence has exhibited widely across the UK including the Royal Academy, London, The RWA, Bristol, The Axiom Art Centre, Cheltenham, The Victoria Art Gallery, Bath and Matt Roberts Arts, London. He has curated exhibitions in Cheltenham and Bristol and is currently receiving sponsorship from Derwent Fine Art Pencils, England. All his drawings are by hand and use coloured pencil on paper. Line and repetition are used as the most basic, modest and archaic means of mark making. Each line is drawn without correction and blips and errors are accepted and nurtured. The spaces between the lines are as important as the lines themselves, acknowledging the blank background of the paper and allowing for new blips and errors to appear and for older ones to blossom or dissolve. The drawings are unhurried - there is a meditative attitude, a relaxed control. They are a call to quiet and reflection.




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