Julia Adams

My fascination with life drawing started as an A level student under the tuition of John Eaves, and the idea of ‘moving with the model’ has stayed with me from those early days. I have always drawn and painted from the human form and have worked in this area seriously and consistently for the past fifteen years. I aim for intuitive mark-making from observation and find that working from the human form presents me with endless exciting possibilities for exploration of the visual elements of line, tone and colour. In my drawings since 2004, I have used Indian ink applied with sticks and large brushes for washes. This unpredictable technique keeps the drawings loose and free, capturing the effects of light, shade and form. Finding the balance between freedom and control is all part of the process and I enjoy using accidental effects because of the vitality they add to the drawings. I paint using acrylics, attempting to capture the same energy and freedom as in my drawings Regularly working at the home of one model, I portray quiet, domestic themes with usually one figure. Recently, I have been working with models trained in dance and movement. Drawing to music quickly and freely, I make marks that describe movement and portray a narrative through the use of multiple images.

Website: julia-adams.co.uk



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