Judith Jones

I am a fine art photographer, and my work often relates to personal conflicts and human frailties. In particular images from my Twilight series examines the dialectic between the outside and inside, commenting on the contrasts of private and public spaces. Each composition considers exclusion and isolation, fear and uncertainty. Seemingly mundane vernacular spaces can hold a myriad of memories for everyone; some of these one might approach with fear or excitement, or simply a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. The “blue hour” of twilight takes us through the transition between day and night, maintaining an uncanny sense of unease. The border between the two states is intangible, but subtle nuances permeate the frames of lived spaces, through incandescent glow and shifting colours. Documenting this fragile time frame presents a magical, filmic space that at once intrigues and fascinates me, yet also evokes a lingering sense of fear.

I am particularly interested in the viewer’s interpretations and interactions with my work. The blue hour of my twilight series creates psychological tensions for the viewer; some find the work comforting, others sense feelings of unease and find the work unsettling.

I have recently presented Still Images on monitors. Utilising my twilight images I found that the viewer watches for a considerable time. They are often confused, thinking that the image is not a ‘Still’ but anticipate someone or something may appear or disappear that will then inform them of a specific narrative. Some come away convinced that they have witnessed something that does not actually exist. I am interested in exploring this further.

I am also using my photography together with embroidery, specifically Goldwork, with the aim of further transforming the narrative or interpretation of my work.


Website: www.judithjonesphoto.com