Jill Carter


Jill Carter’s multi-media practice invites us to consider the notion of identity. Her diverse engaging, quirky, visual storytelling playfully explores contemporary portraiture in response to self, people and place.  She is particularly interested in the notion of transformation and how art can promote inspiration, imagination and well-being.  One-off artworks and collections include books, bags and boxes, drawings, paintings, prints, performative photography, collage and journals, into 3-d sculptural totemic figures stitched textiles and curious assemblages.  Jill’s artwork draws upon personal and shared stories from everyday events and experiences, with themes often exploring life journeys.  Her intuitive and organic process of mindful, less than perfect art-making, results in curious narratives which explore endless creative possibilities.

A background in education, health and Fine Art, with First Class Honours in Drawing into Fine Art, and MA in Painting & Sculpture, she is an experienced social engagement practitioner, tutor and mentor, leading diverse art on prescription projects, including those for the RWA Learning & Participation team and also facilitating workshops for the Drawing School.  Jill brings to her teaching a light, relaxed, warm-hearted approach to the therapeutic process of art-making, exploring ways in which to unearth personal and universal stories through creative exchange with collections of found and gifted objects, offerings and mixed media materials.  Interested in figurative, outsider and folk art, and sacred traditions and rituals from world cultures she was awarded the Theresa Knowles Travel Bursary, Drawn 2013, which enabled a journaling project in Italy researching the Sybil’s, mythological women storytellers, leading to a residency and solo exhibition at the RWA where she is a regular exhibitor and a Network Member.


Website: www.jillcarterart.com



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