Janet Haigh

Janet Haigh's work is stitched textiles; professionally designing and making for exhibitions, artists and publishers. Initially a Senior Lecturer in Textile Design at Bristol UWE, she became a Senior Research Fellow aimed at developing textile techniques for other substrates. Eventually setting up Heart Space Studios, as a hub for teaching and exhibiting with local textile practitioners, which ran successfully for 5 years.

Observational drawing is the basis of her personal practice “if you can describe the surface accurately, then what lies beyond it may be perceived” is a guiding principal of her stitched work. She stitches mostly fabrics, but ceramic, paper and vitreous enamel are the varied aspects of her recent work.

Colour is a major contribution to creating atmosphere and energy when describing the immediate world around her; seascapes, people, gardens, flowers… and used in symbolism to describe the world beneath; dreams, masks, emotions - to make comprehensive that which can’t be seen.