Ian Chamberlain


'My practice has always had an emphasis on architectural forms, reinterpreting manmade structures as monuments placed within the landscape, acting as architectural metaphors of past and current technological achievements. 

I have had a longstanding fascination with technology and architecture, these have included structures within industry, agriculture, science and the military. 

Past locations I have documented include The Goonhilly Earth station, The Lovell Telescope, The Maunsell Sea Forts and the Acoustic Sound mirrors. 

I am interested in the use of a traditional Print process such as etching being used to record subject matter that is generally at the cutting edge of technology for its time. 

The etchings become an extension of his drawing allowing me to record the location through the interlinking processes of drawing and printmaking. 

My most comprehensive body of work to date deals with ‘The Atlantic wall’. The Atlantic Wall was a system of coastal fortifications built by Nazi Germany 1942 - 1944 along the western coast of Europe stretching over 6000 miles.  The Atlantic Wall was both a practical line of defence and a propaganda tool. I have reinterpreted these brutalist forms as architectural metaphors, architectural reminders of a shifting political, social and environmental landscape. 

 During the lockdown period my latest work has started to expand into new creative fields, exploring ideas around shelters, frontiers and boundaries.   

I am recording a range of architectural with a multi-disciplinary approach including Drawing, Printmaking, photography and soundscapes. The work is underpinned through the use of drawing and translated through a range of traditional and contemporary processes.'

Gallery images (from left) 

  • The Last Stand  2018 Etching Plate size 56cm x 50cm Edition 20 

  •  Blockade  2018 Etching Plate size  86cm x 55.5cm Edition 20 

  •  Dome I 2016 Etching Plate size 57cm 49cm Edition 30  

  •  Outpost  2018 Etching Plate size 57cm x 55.5cm Edition 20 

  •  Sat.II 2017 Etching plate size 58cm x 50cm Edition 30 

  •  Sat.I 2017 Etching plate size 58cm x 50cm Edition 30 

  •  Shifting Sands 2018 Etching Plate Size 73cm x 47cm Edition 20 

  •  Transmission II 2011 Etching plate size 62cm x 51cm Edition 20