Geoff Dunlop

I work as an artist curator, minus the hyphen. I attempt to balance both roles equally, producing images, objects, installations, experiences and events, often in the company of others. The themes of my curated exhibitions include LOVE & DEATH, UTOPIA-DYSTOPIA, TIME AFTER TIME, LIVE (as both verb and noun) and, most recently, WORDPLAY. The use of dualities and even contradictions is a continuing thematic device in my role as a curator, and also as an artist. This connects to the way I look at the world, and at the enormity of the universe - as a series of oppositions and paradoxes, as order and chaos, as meaning and madness.

When I am making artworks, I tend to use a high-definition camera as a starting point. Some of the images I draw from the world around me (and beyond) can be conventionally descriptive, but others can also feel closer, in their making, to drawings and paintings. These prints are intended to evoke invisible processes in the natural order of things and to generate an emotional response in the viewer, hopefully a feeling of connection.  Their titles often start with the prefix FLOW.

Some of my most successful recent artworks have been large prints on acetate or fabric, placed in front of windows or hanging freely so that people can walk amongst them. This allows the viewer to appreciate changes in the appearance of the images, when they are seen from different perspectives, affected by shifts in light and movements in the air. Although these large prints have become a signature of my output, recent exhibitions have also included video projections, sound installations and book-scale folding prints that juxtapose images and texts. 

Words - especially in dialogue with images - are becoming increasingly significant in my work as an artist curator. For many years I made films for international transmission, and always considered them to be acts of writing – writing with images and sound as well as words. Today I find myself once again embracing the role of writer - working in print, on screens and online as well as in exhibitions.




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