Fan Lee

Fan Lee, an artist in contemporary ink painting and calligraphy.

Founder of "Fan Art"; Visual Art Consultant for Zheng Art; and columnist for some art magazines.

Her works have been widely exhibited in Hong Kong, China, Macau, the UK, and Korea, some of which are now in the collections of local and overseas public institutions and private collectors.

Fan composes her artworks as a wordless tribute to the mother nature, life and environment.

Her works are characterized by the applying of ink brushes, nuance and tonalities delicately manifested to capture the sensational and transient moments of lights and shadows,landscapes and the nature.

Her works embody both oriental and western aesthetics and bring to the audience a realm of ethereality that characterizes oriental paintings, yet with a touch of western lyrical aesthetics.

She persistently explores for inspirations and creativity, hoping to share her sentiments and admiration of the nature through art making.