Elaine Collett

I am interested in the beauty of nature, but also in that hinterland where landscape meets manmade intervention. The casual juxtaposition we have become accustomed to of discarded debris washed up on beaches, scattered through fields or littering verges.

a beaten track through grass - a weed against a wall

a blade pierces calm waters - a stillness at the edge

solar panels in a field - a concrete bridge - a worn brick wall

plastic shards and discarded debris on beach and in field

movement, rhythm, flow - energy, balance, contrast

This statement relates to my core interest and the impetus for a large proportion of my work across a range of media resulting from the repeated mental imprint of many walks. However sometimes I work from subject matter and in a way which is purely expressive and responsive - life drawing, still life groupings of fruit, flowers and vegetables.

Website: elainecollett.com



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