Dr Paul Thirkell

My work seeks to visually weave prescient narratives that are inspired by current events and synthesized through the lens of mass communication. It seeks to comment on, question, and poetically reconfigure the visual codes that transmit various aspects of our culture. As an artist and researcher I am interested in the way knowledge is presented, mediated, and often shaped by media-based technologies, especially in relation to the printed image. An underlying theme, common to much of the work, relates to Nietzsche’s idea of Eternal Return, exploring cycles of growth and decay in both nature and culture. My images combine diverse visual elements through the medium of print to create unexpected twists in the underlying narrative that are combined with a wry sense of humor. Colour plays a significant role in my work and its moods tip a hat to the bold hues of Pop Art through to the glowing, musically influenced colour harmonies of Kandinsky and Klee.

Website: www.paulthirkell.com



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