Bethany Sewell


"Born in Bristol, my work is heavily influenced by my surroundings and investigates the identity of ‘home’ and how we interact with nature on personal levels. I studied BA (Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University, before completing a Masters in Photography at the Royal College of Art in 2023.
Over the course of my studies, my practice has become a point of inquiry into what landscape can mean to different audience members. Debating how creativity can be a tool within community to create conversations, about how we can better understand the nature that lives in these spaces alongside us.

A journey towards ‘sense of place’ continues to be at the heart of my practice. As an artist, I transform blank surfaces into new layers of the landscape, showing a scene of constantly evolving space, unfixed, and ever changing. My work tell stories for the avid window watcher, scenic route taker and landscape lover. Through my main points of research into alternative photographic processes and immersive installations, I create discourse with the act of gazing, looking, and coming face to face with the landscapes that lie before us and beyond
us. My practice flows between photography, writing and artworks, that are grounded in a playfulness of ever evolving ideas. Much of my work involve the participation of the viewer and celebrates the interaction of neighbourhoods with local nature."