Bethan Marriott

Bethan Marriott is an artist and tutor from Gloucestershire. Drawing outside and on location, Bethan draws to understand and connect with places. Experimenting with materials and mark making to capture the feeling and atmosphere of landscapes, trees, gardens, cities and seas. She loves the freedom and surprise that comes from collaborating with the weather and the elements, and the challenge of exploring how this unpredictability can be recreated in a studio environment.
These questions of how places define us, how we relate to the physical and natural world around us and the affect this can have on our lives, health and relationships are a constant source of intrigue. She is interested above all in the process of drawing and how it can help us to connect and understand our environments in a different way, unlocking ways of noticing.
Bethan has bounced around the UK, studying an art foundation at Stroud before heading north to Lancaster to graduate with a Fine Art degree, followed by a little more study at the Royal Drawing School in London. She has since worked professionally in arts organisations and creative health roles and is currently based in the North West.