Alice Mumford

My work is about intimacy. I try to convey this firstly through the relationship of the objects to me, then to one another, and finally to their surroundings.

To quote Professor Richard Demarco CBE writing about my work:
'Her objects have at one and the same time a prosaic and dramatic nature, and symbolise the presence of human beings and the mystery of their daily lives. She instils English flavour into the still life tradition, and in her profound understanding and joyful handling of paint, can be likened to Winifred Nicholson and the school of St Ives.'

I spend a long time setting up a still life, putting things in and then taking them out. At a certain point it becomes irresistible to paint, and I start. I remain immersed in painting until it has a completeness. Then I have to change gear; take the painting away from the subject, consider all options, and make some small adjustments over many months.




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