PRESS: Original Prints by RWA Academicians

PRESS: Original Prints by RWA Academicians

31 October - 10 December 2023


The Kenny Gallery, Queens Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX


31 October - 10 December 2023



This exhibition provides an opportunity to view the work of over 20 RWA Academicians who use print as part of their art practice. While some use modern printing techniques, others embrace more traditional methods of printmaking and several blend the two.

Printmaking is a unique art form that combines creativity, technical skill and chance to create a myriad of interesting and evocative images. There are many different techniques, from the instantaneous results of mono printing to the more consuming process of mezzotint. The results are wide and varied and we hope this exhibition is a welcome glimpse into the exciting and varied work that can be achieved with the different printmaking techniques used by our Academicians. 

In this exhibition you will find a diverse array of themes; soaring mountainous landscapes, picturesque rural settings, the natural world juxtaposed with the constructed, the cosmos, mythology, ancestry, the crisis of endangered species or simply the use of both chance and control in the printmaking process. To provide an insight into historical works created by RWA Academicians, a selection of prints from the RWA collection, dating from the early 20th century, have also been included.

Originating in the 1st Century AD in China, printing allowed artists the unique ability to reproduce the same image and text and in turn it allowed those who couldn’t afford one-off artwork the opportunity to own and appreciate an artist’s work.

This still holds true today. An original print is a thing of beauty and holds much value to art collectors and enthusiasts.

 This is a free exhibition and runs alongside our major exhibition, the 170 Annual Open Exhibition (ticketed)

Academicians participating in this exhibition are:

Lidija Anatanasijevic RWA | Bronwen Bradshaw RWA | Ian Chamberlain RE RWA | Adelaide Damoah RWA | Peter Ford RE RWA | Ros Ford RE RWA | Sarah Gillespie RWA | Trevor Haddrell RWA | Tim Harrisson RWA | Steve Hoskins RE RWA | Ione Parkin RWA | Howard Phipps RE RWA | Sandra Porter RWA | Charlotte Price RWA | Peter Randall-Page RA RWA | Maxine Relton RWA | Carol Robertson RWA | Emma Stibbon RA RWA | Paul Thirkell RE RWA | Elizabeth Turrell RWA | George Tute RWA

 Lead image: Grand Balcon Nord, Chamonix by Emma Stibbon RA RWA


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