Modern Kintsugi Techniques

Modern Kintsugi Techniques

19 Jul 2024 | 1 day | Full day


RWA Drawing School Studio, RWA, BS8 1PX


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19 Jul 2024

Tutor - Richard Walker

1-day workshop

Friday 19 July 2024, 10am - 4pm

Kintsugi (golden joinery) started in Japan around 500 years ago.  When a clay, porcelain or glass item was broken, instead of hiding  any repairs, the art (and idea) of Kintsugi is to celebrate the damage as part of the life journey and history of a piece. This philosophy is a great idea to carry forward today in the ecologically aware conditions that we are exercising on the earth.

Using contemporary materials, this Kintsugi class is a chance to explore the potential of this craft with your own items, under the guidance of visiting tutor and Master Gilder, Richard Walker.  Whether you have cracked, broken or smashed vessels that need repairing, or wish to break something anew within the class in order to repair it, any cracks, gaps or chips can be repaired using pure gold-leaf to turn those imperfections into something beautiful.

Vases, plates, bowls and many more things can be explored.  However, the Kintsugi process is for decoration only, and the utilitarian nature of the vessel may not be something that can be kept.

With broken pottery, the Japanese would accomplish this with the use of staples and natural resins mixed with powdered gold. In fact, people would sometimes deliberately smash precious family pottery and heirlooms in order to have them repaired by a Kintsugi craftsman and elevate the piece in the home!

For our class, we will be using modern water-based materials, as well as super glue and epoxy resins. The repairs can be completed in either pure yellow gold, or if you prefer white gold according to your taste.

You may work on as many pieces as you can find the time for.  You also be invited to take home all the materials that you have been using, so you can carry on Kintsugi in the comfort of your own home.

Please wear clothes and footwear suitable for a studio environment and bring at least one plain ceramic item to repair, as well as at least 1 additional piece that is more experimental - once you have had a taste of the techniques, you are to be encouraged to explore the art of Kintsugi in different areas of your personal practice.  Break rules as well as pottery!  In fact, what if you used wood, stone, glass or even metal within these processes?

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