Wendy Rhodes

 "I am a UK based artist whose drawing and printmaking practices reflect my experiences of walking through rural countryside, along coastlines, and becoming immersed in place. The rural countryside is an imperfect vision of a natural environment that has been shaped by human intervention. Paths are chewed and indented by farm machinery, hedges are cut and fences repaired. Nature does its best to wrench back control; rain washes paths to new shapes, fence posts lean to their own tune and these are the moments that I find fascinating.

I work with a monochromatic palette in order to focus attention onto surfaces, structural elements and light. I draw with graphite, water-soluble graphite and charcoal, and through these mediums I am able to thoroughly investigate my imagery. My etchings are created using traditional intaglio methods on copper plates and enable me to exploit a rich visual language of texture, line and mark-making. Most importantly, etching provides me with the opportunity to build layers into my image making; representing an over-layering of time and weathering that is inherent to all places.

Following an MA in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking, I completed my practice based doctoral research at UWE in 2019. I continue to explore the practical application of experiential research and materiality. Further research brings me into contact with a wide variety of practitioners linked by drawing and etching. Their evidence informs an enriched understanding of why etchers have an investigative connection with the act of drawing and sheds light on the tensions inherent in being a purposefully creative practitioner."

Website: https://www.wrhodesart.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wrhodesart/

Gallery Images (from left) 

  • Giving Way
  • Rainwater Chase
  • Shadow Dance
  • Where Does this Lead
  • Along Steps Lane
  • Weathered and Worn 



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