Warren & Mosley

Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley make installations, choreographic objects, still and moving images, narratives and events, often involving the viewer as participant, player or witness. Their collaborative practice operates at the intersection of conceptual art, architecture and more recently the psycho-social. Projects re-script space, playing with its rules and territories and our roles and behaviours to explore the real, symbolic and imaginary potential of architecture. The practice also examines new perspectives on collectivity, experimenting with the entangled relations between bodies, objects, architecture and mediated presence, which are staged and rehearsed within the work.

 Warren and Mosley have been commissioned by organisations internationally, including: ‘Days of Action’ event series for Tate Modern (2018); ‘A Nodding Acquaintance’ for The Edge, University of Bath (2017); Institute Français 2016 artist laureates for residency at the French Communist Party Headquarters, Paris;  ‘Rogue Game’ (with Can Altay) a series of hybrid games forming solo exhibitions at Firstsite, Colchester (2015), Spike Island, Bristol (2012), Casco, Utrecht (2011), Showroom, London (2010); event series ‘Utopian talk-show line-up’ at SantralIstanbul, Istanbul (2014), Moderna Museet, Malmo (2014), Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2013); ‘The Right to the City’ at Tins Sheds Gallery/University of Sydney (2011). Publication projects include ‘Beyond Utopia’ (Berlin: Errant Bodies Press, 2012) presenting a provocative planning application for an imaginary architectural vertical common for the City of London. Their work has been widely published, critiqued and won awards from Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council, British Council and Rootstein Hopkins Foundation. Warren is an artist and Mosley is an artist/architect and Associate Professor at Bristol UWE.

Website: http://warrenandmosley.com



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