Sachin Babbar

 Sachin Babbar (SAB Studio) 

Painting makes me feel connected. The movement of the brush and the bleed of the ink into the paper is a meditation. Much of this inspiration has come from Chinese and Japanese ink paintings. There is an aliveness to the paintings and a rhythmic quality. As though the painters were dancing in the process.

In my current project, ‘Moving Ink’, I am using materials from this region to explore movement through live ink paintings of dancers and to explore the process of painting with movement in my own body.

When painting live dancers, I am looking for a balance between thinking and not thinking. Not thinking, “my mark-making is a reflection of the dancer’s energy and movement.” Thinking, “how can I bring out some form from this mess?” As the dance evolves, so does the painting. It is not just a freeze frame of a particular moment, but witness to the entire dance.

For me, dancing is a powerful experience. I feel a sense of vulnerability, but also a sense of trust and deep connection with my partner, which really allows us to dance together. The natural bleed of water and ink invites an abstract quality into the painting, which gives me a sense of connection beyond form.

‘Moving Ink’ is an invitation for you to dance with curiosity and courage. Perhaps that can offer a way to connect more deeply with yourself and others.


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