Niki Hare

'I paint in order to stave off the nausea.'

Niki Hare is a diverse visual artist whose work revolves around ideas of existence and vision. She attended art college briefly, many years ago, but it didn’t work out, it was just the wrong time. She spent the next 20 years riding horses.

The work dissects and explores the world she has suddenly found herself in. There is a focus on detailing and observation. The world is paused, broken down into layers, shuffled, pushed back together and sent on its way. Nothing is static, there is a sense of the temporary, imbalance, discomfort.

'I play with shifting transparencies, I need to see what is beneath. I have become very honest.'

Everything is viewed from all angles, broken down into frames, maps, diagrams, aerial views. There is a focus on both what is there, but also the spaces between, what could be there. Portraits are an investigation of the self, combining murky observation with a sense of painting from the inside out.

'I see too much, but also have a strong sense of what I can't see. It causes me confusion, I move through my work to simplify this, to help me understand.'