Mellony Taper

"My interdisciplinary practice sits somewhere at the intersection of trad and digital media: drawing, photography and increasingly sound and time-based media. I often work with digital photography to creates multi-layered pieces that blur the line between the media used.

 I regard photographs as another ‘material’ to create with, like paint or charcoal. I incorporate layers of drawings too, working into the surface of the digital image, controlling the image with fingers directly on the screen, as I would with charcoal on paper - a digital drawing in two senses. I describe these works as palimpsests - layers constantly overwritten and partially erased.

 My working process is endlessly iterative: a piece may go through many infinitesimal, incremental changes in its evolution. Working digitally means that each evolution can be saved in its own right, creating a succession of visual echoes. 

 I cultivate a visual ambivalence in my work, both in terms of the medium used and the subject matter: intervening in identifiable signifiers such as the figure, time, architecture, landmarks, the body or the land itself. 

 A recent series of work examines the changing urban environment of my renamed city home from a psychogeographic perspective.

 My current work represents a shift to the body, which has evolved from an examination of my existence and practice post-motherhood, to a far wider conversation about the visible and invisible “ties that bind” women in their lives today."


Gallery Images (from left) 

  • Angry Women (series) 2022
  • Cut Your Hair (series) 2022
  • Cut Your Hair (series) 2022
  • Freedom of Movement (Not Waving) 2022
  • Princess 2022
  • The Ties That Bind (series) 2022