Louise Thompson

The landscape has always been prominent in my artwork. I graduated from Falmouth school of art with degree in Fine art, specializing in printmaking.

I use the medium in different ways - I love to work with reduction cut lino prints – simplifying the image and printing in three or four colours.

The beach and coastline are major inspirations – I try and capture the memories of walks, the dramatic cliffs or the sound of crows overhead. Back in the studio these elements are sketched and then often develop into monoprints as I like the spontaneity of working this way. Additional images are added to the monoprint from lino print blocks or collographs

More recent works have started to highlight the problem of pollution in the seas and on the shoreline, focusing in on smaller details like rock pools and shells and the litter that encompasses them. The rock pools are fascinating miniature strange worlds but then you peer in and find man made pollution and litter. I collect the waste fishing line and plastics and these get added in to the prints – either inked up or just embossed into the paper.

I have started to experiment also with solar plate etching which is new to my practise. I am excited by the possibility of working from ink drawings on acetate and then being able to etch and print from these.