Genevieve Murray


"I am a Bristol based artist specialising in contemporary oil portraiture, both commissions and my own work. In my portraits I look to create striking compositions with contrasting light and deep colour.  Old Masters such as Manet, Vermeer and Caravaggio are important influences in my work, and I am inspired by their traditional way of framing and lighting a portrait. I like to incorporate contemporary settings in my work and am also inspired by other female portrait artists such as Laura Knight, Georgina Clapham and RWA Academician Wendy Elia. 

I paint my portraits life, or from photographs which are as unposed and natural as possible. I look to illustrate a moment in time, an unusual pose, an interesting expression, or the way the light and atmosphere of a setting shapes the person. My fascination for others is revealed in the way a person I try to capture a brief moment of their life in paint. "


Gallery Images (from left) 

  • Seated Contemplation, 100x60cm, oil on linen, 2019 
  • Ottelien, 25x30cm oil on linen, 2020
  • Amber, 100x60cm, oil on linen,  2022
  • Frances, 59x84cm, oil on canvas, 2017
  • Freya Under the Tree, 60x100cm, oil on linen
  • Jess, 25x35cm, oil on linen
  • Phoebe Glowing, 50x70cm,oil on linen
  • Phoebe, 30x25cm, oil on linen