Francesca Berlingieri Maxwell

Francesca trained in Fine Art in Milan and in Beijing and studied at Venice and at Bologna Universities. She was an apprentice under the painter and etcher Arrigo Ghisellini for fifteen years.
After moving to England she worked as a scenic artist; assistant designer; props, costumes and mask maker at the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Bristol Old Vic, and many other theatres throughout the UK. 

She is Production Designer and Art Director in Stop-motion Animation and has worked on Aardman’s “Chicken Run”, Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride”, Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr Fox”, Laika’s “ParaNorman” and on Mexico first stop-motion feature film, Luis Tellez’s “Inzomnia”.
She is a visiting tutor in Animation Design at the NFTS and has run Stop-motion animation workshops in Hong Kong, Bolivia and Poland as well as lecturing in several universities in the UK and Mexico and for StopMoLab.
Francesca teaches several painting courses at the Royal West Academy in Bristol.

She has exhibited in several galleries in Bristol, London, Keswick, Shropshire, in Italy and the USA. 

In her paintings there are lights and reflections, echoes and movement, the solid shapes turning into shadows, the foreground becoming background. She looks for the patterns and the rhythm and flow of nature. She loves the synergy and action of colours. Ad plays with transparency and layers, depth and volume. She looks for a path within the complexity and the movement of composition. 

She works with watercolour and inks, forever discovering new possibilities. But she also work with tempera, acrylic, oil, pastels, charcoals, Chinese ink wash, etching and fused glass. She enjoys finding the voice of each medium and follows on the journey they take.